#22 // Tan Sensible // Sandra Valés García

Vitrine Blanche #22 // Tan Sensible // Sandra Valdés García
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Sandra Valdés García (Madrid, Spain) defines her artistic work as a visual poetry. She experiments and mix video, photography and sculpture to create installations and conceptual artworks.  Active in the artistic scene of Berlin and Europa, Valdés García presented her work in June 2016 in a collective exhibition at Isabel de Farnesio Cultural Center in Aranjuez and collaborated with artists such as Iraida Cano in 2016 and Jörg Plickat in 2014.

Ephemeral: fleeting, lasting for a very short time, transitory, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short, cursory, temporary, impermanent, short-term.

TAN SENSIBLE (engl. translation: so sensitive), emerges by chance from observation. Aware of subtle and practically imperceptible changes, Valdés García explains the beginning of her project: “one day looking at the pictures taken with my phone, I noticed that in the last two years I was unconsciously keeping photographing from my window the building in front of my room. Therefore I decided to give it life in creating an instagram profile, in which I almost daily publish a picture of this building located in the Malplaquetstraße, 13347 Wedding”

Displayed outside, the photographs of the Malplaquetstraße’s building stay where they belong: in the street!

Opening 14. June 2019 – 10. July 2019


#21 // Intervention by Eli Cornejo

Vitrine Blanche #21 // The eye adapts so quickly that change is imperceptible. Intervention by Eli Cornejo
Curator: Stephanie Fenner

Nature is the great master for all our learning processes. It expresses itself along the year, showing us the joy of acceptance and the understanding of us having no control on anything. Just like rituals take place in different stages, actors, performances, the four seasons manifest themselves, allowing us each time to go deep inside ourselves to reach this knowledge that is present and is being ignored.

The development of huge metropolis’ turns away from this processes, making us believe that we are no nature, that we are something else, or come from somewhere else. The invisibility of the cycles – whether we see them or not, they keep happening. The obsession with observing the nature, trying to speak its language, to connect from our very same essence.
The need of observing ourselves, to understand ourselves better, in order to connect with others.

Just observing. No labeling. Letting it all flow and go.

“The eye adapts, from paper to black cinder marks, so quickly that change is imperceptible.”

Eli Cornejo (*1981, Argentina) – Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Works in the fields of photography (mainly analog), with a fondness for collage and video, focusing her practice on self-referential documentation as a key tool to study, understand and intervene in their immediate environment. She has been a resident at The Pajama Factory (USA) and ( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis (France-Slovenia-Germany). Her work has been shown in different galleries and cultural spaces, such as in Wolterholme Projects (Liverpool, UK), Stattberlin (Berlin, Germany), Hilbert Raum (Berlin, Germany), Bricks Gallery (Hamburg, Germany), Fiebre Galeria (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Rare Tempo (Denver, USA) and MMCA (Barcelona, Spain).

As Cultural Manager she works in the production and curation of her projects, The Berta ART Raffle and Photo Club Berlin. In 2013 together with artist Juan Arata, founded the duo Arnejo Corata, since 2016 member of Hilbert Raum, an independent, non-commercial, artist-run project space in Berlin, Germany.

Instagram: @_elicornejo

Opening 16. May 2019 – 12. June 2019

#20 // Foam // Christina Mandilari

Vitrine Blanche #20 // Foam // Christina Mandilari
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Christina Mandilari is a project coordinator and designer from Greece, based in Berlin. For the last years, she has been working for the free art scene in Berlin coordinating a variety of activities. Her interests evolve around how art can contribute to the societies of today by bringing positive change to the mentality of people and the perception of our surroundings, pointing out environmental and humanitarian issues. Meanwhile, she is working as a mixed media artist combining painting techniques with digital tools and textile design. Through her prints she wishes to compose surfaces that resemble natural elements. Each of her designs is a narrative, a zoom in in earthly minerals and textures.

Foam is a mix of water, soap and paint combined and edited into a large scale print. The aim of this experimental process is to give to the image the impression of a texturised surface like those encountered in nature by using water-colouring techniques and letting the foam stain on the paper as the blocked air from the foam escapes.

Opening 18. April 2019 – 15. May 2019

#18 // News From Home // Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy

Vitrine Blanche #18 // News From Home // Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy
Curator : Honorine Bergé

NEWS FROM HOME is a collaboration between documentary filmmaker and visual artist Anne Fehres (Netherlands) and visual artist and sociologist Luke Conroy (Australia). The project explores the people, stories and places that exist outside of the ‘tourist gaze’ towards the iconic.

« The six pieces presented in the Vitrine were completed during a two-month art residency in Wedding from Jan to Feb 2019. Each piece combines over 50 individual photographs captured throughout this residency period. These images have been digitally recomposed to create scenes that illustrates the people, stories and places that we found intriguing during our time in Wedding.

The involved topics include: issues around gentrification, the renaming of colonial streets in the Afrikanisches Viertel, the social management of Leopoldplatz, the community’s relationship with Tegel Airport, the protest postcards of Otto and Elise Hampel, alongside observations of the Wedding community more broadly. Each piece is partnered with a text that provides further details about our interpretations of these issues.

An additional aspect of this project is a serie of eight smaller designs presented as postcards. Our choice for the postcard form is important for this project, it helps our intention of favouring what is outside the tourist gaze. The cultural history of the postcard means that whatever is placed on its front is given a symbolic pedestal. This is a space usually reserved for the iconic. We hope that these new postcard forms change the narrative of the postcard, to offer insight into underrepresented but important people, stories and places. We hope these postcards can find their way elsewhere to help share an alternative view of Wedding and Berlin. » — Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy

Opening 21. February 2019 – 22. March 2019


#17 // Grow // Lars Plessentin

Vitrine Blanche #17 // Grow // Lars Plessentin
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Lars Plessentin is a german artist based in Berlin. He has been working as a freelance photographer since 2010, focusing on abstract and concrete photography.

« Even if we do not always have it in mind, our entire life is permeated with growth. Whether it’s growing beyond ourselves, growing with our tasks or outgrowing our clothes, we grow almost continuously and usually only notice it after the fact. In his series Grow, Plessentin creates entire spaces of growth. He pours entire greenhouses of ambiguity with folded foils, different shapes and bold colors. When looking at it, you can focus on different areas for several minutes and let the combination of the familiar and the unknown sink in. Plessentin’s works cover a cosmos of artistic enthusiasm, in which similar to the spaces created by him, everyone finds a corner that he could make his own, if desired. At the end of the day, Plessentin’s series shows similarity to growth itself – not intrusive, but very present.

In Grow, by following his style, Plessentin has created a house full of spaces inviting everyone to let go and feel the play of colors in the depth of growth. » Hanns Segelcke

Opening 26. January 2019 – 20. February 2019


#16 // Homeland // Tara Deacon

Vitrine Blanche #16 // Homeland // Tara Deacon
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Tara Deacon is a South African Illustrator living and working in Berlin.

Her paintings enhance a nostalgic mix of memory, place and daily life reflections. Her work often explores themes from her country, images populated by the fruits, plants, characters and light of her homeland.
The exhibition Homeland marks a period of rediscovery and fascination with the artists place of birth, South Africa, after 3 months of extensive travel earlier in 2018 throughout the cityscapes, nature and interactions with people. The series of paintings reference the light, color and optimism felt throughout her journey and was created as a set of 8 limited edition fine art prints.

Displayed in the Vitrine Blanche, the illustrations invite passers-by and Mirage guests to immerse themselves in Tara’s colorful and humanly speaking world.

Opening 24. November 2018 – 21. December 2018


#15 // Analog Dialog // Roméo Bergé

Vitrine Blanche #15 // Analog Dialog // Roméo Bergé
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Student in biology, Roméo is interested in the forms generated by nature. His interest in film photography is born of the curiosity he has for a process that requires a certain amount of technical knowledge to be implemented.

Far from the iPhone camera, which perfectly reproduces the realism of the present moment, analog photography has an experimental relationship with reality : a picture is no longer the exact copy of a moment, it is its interpretation. Whether successful or unsuccessful, it emerges from the rendering a spontaneous energy that the artist seeks to highlight through this exhibition.

Put in relation to each other in a game of transparency and superposition, the nine photographs create new visual territories. The exhibition is a dialog between mineral, vegetal and colorful textures, but also a dialog between the energy of each picture related to the inside and the outside of the space.

The scenography work, directed by Bergé Blanche (Honorine) -curator of the exhibition, echoes the transparency of the material used to the transparency of the artist’s approach. Romeo expresses himself thus “what pleases me in the film photography process, is the surprise of the rendering. I do not see any failed or successful pictures, I see an authentic beauty in each captured moment. For that reason, I don’t use rendering programs to retouch a picture : it has to stay as natural as the shapes I photograph.”

Opening 27. October 2018 – 24. November 2018




#14 // Portrait No65 // No65 – Street Photography

Vitrine Blanche #14 // Portrait No65 // No65 – Street Photography
Curators : Jochen Küpper and Stephanie Fenner

Unit results from difference.
Everyday life, art and the moment belong together and represent different strands of the same story. They express many aspects of the same feeling: Change as the emergence of something new.

No65 was created in the former Stattbad Wedding as a photo project by Anna Niedhart. In cooperation with the photographers Marc Brinkmeier and Peter Lorenz, situations, people and impressions from the Berlin district of Wedding were photographed over four years. The aim is to capture the contrasting coexistence of unequal realities of life and thus to illustrate an exciting analysis of everyday life.

The different concepts and styles of the photographers reflect the diversity of their subjects. Thus the concept of the No65 photo collection takes up the style richness symptomatic of the district Wedding and creates a fascinating mixture of snapshots, reports and portraits. These long-term documentaries are characterised by their proximity to events and the fine powers of observation and perseverance of their creators. With an exhibition of twelve poster-sized photos at Nettelbeckplatz on the outer façade of the Weddinger Mirage, Rainbow Unicorn now makes the pictures available to people and the street again. In addition, the illustrated book of the same name presents a selection of the photographs in one book for the first time.

In these Wedding impressions Anna Niedhart shows the beauty of imperfection, strong characters and comic to grotesque moments, some of which she photographs with her mobile phone. Her photos are snapshots and snapshots in which she fixes street scenes.

Marc Brinkmeier’s documentary social studies are above all a search for the interior of man. His photos have been portraying the residents and shop owners of Gerichtstrasse since 2014.
Peter Lorenz likes to work with abstract compositions. In this style he photographs the abandoned Stattbad Wedding, productions of a fashionable mobile phone, street styles and street portraits of Müllerstraße.

Opening 25. August 2018 – 14. September 2018

#13 // The Human In Me // GINNNI

Vitrine Blanche #13 // The Human In Me // GINNNI
Curators : Damien Sahri and Stephanie Fenner

Under the motto „humans are the better dogs“ GINNNI unifies parallels between dogs and humans. Wether interpersonal relationships oder situative behaviour pattern, it seems, that we choose unfreedom to avoid isolation. Isolation let the soul becomes stunted. There‘s nothing more terrifying for people, than loneliness. So it is worth it, to give up some freedom to become a part of something, even when it’s only a feeling. What we are feeling is safety, which overcomes us by sinking in the suffocating crowd. Just like a dog, who subordinates himself, to get a place in the pack. An animal stemming from wolves, but tamed to enjoy the benefits of being safe. Some dog loves his impotence so much, that he’s able to carry his own leash. Although freedom and individuality means a lot to the modern human being, the independence o fit keeps him in utter despair. What would be, if he would make own decisions? Maybe at least he wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by spending a day alone, only with himself.

Virginia Bartocha a.k.a GINNNI lives in berlin since 2 years. She wanted to become a biology and philosophy teacher and studied at Freie Universität Berlin. But she quit her studies and now spends the freed up time with drawing and working on graphics. Next year she wants to study visual communication design. GINNNI gets most of her ideas from her everyday life. She likes to look on her behaviour from a different and critical perspective.

Opening 3. August 2018 – 24. August 2018


#12 // Behind Paradise // Mathieu Mardoukhaev

Vitrine Blanche #12 // Behind Paradise // Mathieu Mardoukhaev
Curator : Damien Sahri

“Berlin is a fascinating, intoxicating city, like a beguiling seductress. Every day countless suns pass on the blazing torch and the life-giving light to countless creative projects. Time seems to stand still here. Nature has regained ownership of the city with its tormented past. Nothing can prevent its inhabitants from expressing their vision of the world – their world. From the walls of the city to the sound systems of the clubs, not to mention the daily life in each neighborhood, Berlin has this unique atmosphere that rewrites the rules! Every day people write their stories on the empty side of their walls. Berlin is generous and gives something back to those who are. From my balcony in the depths of my zoo I hear kicks and basses penetrating Berlin’s silence, like a siren call I can’t resist, swallowing me, willingly”.

Born in 1982, Mathieu Mardoukhaev grew up in Paris in a multicultural family (mother is French and his father Russian, the eldest son of C. Stanislavsky). In addition to Paris, he also lived in London, Moscow and Berlin (since 2010). His work in the field of video and film, including his realisation work at the film screening for the Angers Festival (2006), led him to photography. He is also a producer of electronic music known as Lansky le Vrai. His work has been exhibited at: Galerie Immix (Paris), “Rebondir”, “Art and Weise”, Studio Blender, NICO (Berlin) and Ekö (Berlin).

Opening 21. July 2018 – 3. August 2018