PopUp#2 – No Öko-Sake, No Ökonomiyaki _en

No Öko-Sake, No Ökonomiyaki
PopUp Diner // July 2020

In July Mirage is hosting the next PopUp Diner on Friday evening (!) under the colors of the rising sun. The Japanese chef Kosuke Tada will celebrate with us a very special Japanese-Berlin food invention: Ökonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki are originally Japanese cabbage-savoury pancakes in Osaka style. But Kosuke Tada went beyond this and created the Ökonomiyaki Berlin style – with a homemade ninja sauce (no additives). The Ökonomiyaki are prepared fresh and open air (Corona accepted) for you.
From the Berliner by the Berliner for the Berliner. That is Ökonomiyaki.

Ökonomiyaki vegetarian:
Edamame (soybeans) and delicious cheese (Gouda).

Ökonomiyaki sea special:
Edamame, cheese and grilled shrimps

Berlin Craftbeer

Sake 65
(Cocktail: sake, gin, lime, elder)

!!! The PopUp takes place in July always on Fridays (not on Thursday), always from 17:00 on !!! The dates in July are:

03.07. / 10.07. / 17.07. / 24.07.

We are looking forward to seeing you!