#22 // Tan Sensible // Sandra Valés García

Vitrine Blanche #22 // Tan Sensible // Sandra Valdés García
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Sandra Valdés García (Madrid, Spain) defines her artistic work as a visual poetry. She experiments and mix video, photography and sculpture to create installations and conceptual artworks.  Active in the artistic scene of Berlin and Europa, Valdés García presented her work in June 2016 in a collective exhibition at Isabel de Farnesio Cultural Center in Aranjuez and collaborated with artists such as Iraida Cano in 2016 and Jörg Plickat in 2014.

Ephemeral: fleeting, lasting for a very short time, transitory, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short, cursory, temporary, impermanent, short-term.

TAN SENSIBLE (engl. translation: so sensitive), emerges by chance from observation. Aware of subtle and practically imperceptible changes, Valdés García explains the beginning of her project: “one day looking at the pictures taken with my phone, I noticed that in the last two years I was unconsciously keeping photographing from my window the building in front of my room. Therefore I decided to give it life in creating an instagram profile, in which I almost daily publish a picture of this building located in the Malplaquetstraße, 13347 Wedding”

Displayed outside, the photographs of the Malplaquetstraße’s building stay where they belong: in the street!

Opening 14. June 2019 – 10. July 2019