#21 // Intervention by Eli Cornejo

Vitrine Blanche #21 // The eye adapts so quickly that change is imperceptible. Intervention by Eli Cornejo
Curator: Stephanie Fenner

Nature is the great master for all our learning processes. It expresses itself along the year, showing us the joy of acceptance and the understanding of us having no control on anything. Just like rituals take place in different stages, actors, performances, the four seasons manifest themselves, allowing us each time to go deep inside ourselves to reach this knowledge that is present and is being ignored.

The development of huge metropolis’ turns away from this processes, making us believe that we are no nature, that we are something else, or come from somewhere else. The invisibility of the cycles – whether we see them or not, they keep happening. The obsession with observing the nature, trying to speak its language, to connect from our very same essence.
The need of observing ourselves, to understand ourselves better, in order to connect with others.

Just observing. No labeling. Letting it all flow and go.

“The eye adapts, from paper to black cinder marks, so quickly that change is imperceptible.”

Eli Cornejo (*1981, Argentina) – Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Works in the fields of photography (mainly analog), with a fondness for collage and video, focusing her practice on self-referential documentation as a key tool to study, understand and intervene in their immediate environment. She has been a resident at The Pajama Factory (USA) and ( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis (France-Slovenia-Germany). Her work has been shown in different galleries and cultural spaces, such as in Wolterholme Projects (Liverpool, UK), Stattberlin (Berlin, Germany), Hilbert Raum (Berlin, Germany), Bricks Gallery (Hamburg, Germany), Fiebre Galeria (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Rare Tempo (Denver, USA) and MMCA (Barcelona, Spain).

As Cultural Manager she works in the production and curation of her projects, The Berta ART Raffle and Photo Club Berlin. In 2013 together with artist Juan Arata, founded the duo Arnejo Corata, since 2016 member of Hilbert Raum, an independent, non-commercial, artist-run project space in Berlin, Germany.

Instagram: @_elicornejo

Opening 16. May 2019 – 12. June 2019