#20 // Foam // Christina Mandilari

Vitrine Blanche #20 // Foam // Christina Mandilari
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Christina Mandilari is a project coordinator and designer from Greece, based in Berlin. For the last years, she has been working for the free art scene in Berlin coordinating a variety of activities. Her interests evolve around how art can contribute to the societies of today by bringing positive change to the mentality of people and the perception of our surroundings, pointing out environmental and humanitarian issues. Meanwhile, she is working as a mixed media artist combining painting techniques with digital tools and textile design. Through her prints she wishes to compose surfaces that resemble natural elements. Each of her designs is a narrative, a zoom in in earthly minerals and textures.

Foam is a mix of water, soap and paint combined and edited into a large scale print. The aim of this experimental process is to give to the image the impression of a texturised surface like those encountered in nature by using water-colouring techniques and letting the foam stain on the paper as the blocked air from the foam escapes.

Opening 18. April 2019 – 15. May 2019