#17 // Grow // Lars Plessentin

Vitrine Blanche #17 // Grow // Lars Plessentin
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Lars Plessentin is a german artist based in Berlin. He has been working as a freelance photographer since 2010, focusing on abstract and concrete photography.

« Even if we do not always have it in mind, our entire life is permeated with growth. Whether it’s growing beyond ourselves, growing with our tasks or outgrowing our clothes, we grow almost continuously and usually only notice it after the fact. In his series Grow, Plessentin creates entire spaces of growth. He pours entire greenhouses of ambiguity with folded foils, different shapes and bold colors. When looking at it, you can focus on different areas for several minutes and let the combination of the familiar and the unknown sink in. Plessentin’s works cover a cosmos of artistic enthusiasm, in which similar to the spaces created by him, everyone finds a corner that he could make his own, if desired. At the end of the day, Plessentin’s series shows similarity to growth itself – not intrusive, but very present.

In Grow, by following his style, Plessentin has created a house full of spaces inviting everyone to let go and feel the play of colors in the depth of growth. » Hanns Segelcke

Opening 26. January 2019 – 20. February 2019