#16 // Homeland // Tara Deacon

Vitrine Blanche #16 // Homeland // Tara Deacon
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Tara Deacon is a South African Illustrator living and working in Berlin.

Her paintings enhance a nostalgic mix of memory, place and daily life reflections. Her work often explores themes from her country, images populated by the fruits, plants, characters and light of her homeland.
The exhibition Homeland marks a period of rediscovery and fascination with the artists place of birth, South Africa, after 3 months of extensive travel earlier in 2018 throughout the cityscapes, nature and interactions with people. The series of paintings reference the light, color and optimism felt throughout her journey and was created as a set of 8 limited edition fine art prints.

Displayed in the Vitrine Blanche, the illustrations invite passers-by and Mirage guests to immerse themselves in Tara’s colorful and humanly speaking world.

Opening 24. November 2018 – 21. December 2018