#15 // Analog Dialog // Roméo Bergé

Vitrine Blanche #15 // Analog Dialog // Roméo Bergé
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Student in biology, Roméo is interested in the forms generated by nature. His interest in film photography is born of the curiosity he has for a process that requires a certain amount of technical knowledge to be implemented.

Far from the iPhone camera, which perfectly reproduces the realism of the present moment, analog photography has an experimental relationship with reality : a picture is no longer the exact copy of a moment, it is its interpretation. Whether successful or unsuccessful, it emerges from the rendering a spontaneous energy that the artist seeks to highlight through this exhibition.

Put in relation to each other in a game of transparency and superposition, the nine photographs create new visual territories. The exhibition is a dialog between mineral, vegetal and colorful textures, but also a dialog between the energy of each picture related to the inside and the outside of the space.

The scenography work, directed by Bergé Blanche (Honorine) -curator of the exhibition, echoes the transparency of the material used to the transparency of the artist’s approach. Romeo expresses himself thus “what pleases me in the film photography process, is the surprise of the rendering. I do not see any failed or successful pictures, I see an authentic beauty in each captured moment. For that reason, I don’t use rendering programs to retouch a picture : it has to stay as natural as the shapes I photograph.”

Opening 27. October 2018 – 24. November 2018