#14 // Portrait No65 // No65 – Street Photography

Vitrine Blanche #14 // Portrait No65 // No65 – Street Photography
Curators : Jochen Küpper and Stephanie Fenner

Unit results from difference.
Everyday life, art and the moment belong together and represent different strands of the same story. They express many aspects of the same feeling: Change as the emergence of something new.

No65 was created in the former Stattbad Wedding as a photo project by Anna Niedhart. In cooperation with the photographers Marc Brinkmeier and Peter Lorenz, situations, people and impressions from the Berlin district of Wedding were photographed over four years. The aim is to capture the contrasting coexistence of unequal realities of life and thus to illustrate an exciting analysis of everyday life.

The different concepts and styles of the photographers reflect the diversity of their subjects. Thus the concept of the No65 photo collection takes up the style richness symptomatic of the district Wedding and creates a fascinating mixture of snapshots, reports and portraits. These long-term documentaries are characterised by their proximity to events and the fine powers of observation and perseverance of their creators. With an exhibition of twelve poster-sized photos at Nettelbeckplatz on the outer façade of the Weddinger Mirage, Rainbow Unicorn now makes the pictures available to people and the street again. In addition, the illustrated book of the same name presents a selection of the photographs in one book for the first time.

In these Wedding impressions Anna Niedhart shows the beauty of imperfection, strong characters and comic to grotesque moments, some of which she photographs with her mobile phone. Her photos are snapshots and snapshots in which she fixes street scenes.

Marc Brinkmeier’s documentary social studies are above all a search for the interior of man. His photos have been portraying the residents and shop owners of Gerichtstrasse since 2014.
Peter Lorenz likes to work with abstract compositions. In this style he photographs the abandoned Stattbad Wedding, productions of a fashionable mobile phone, street styles and street portraits of Müllerstraße.

Opening 25. August 2018 – 14. September 2018