#12 // Behind Paradise // Mathieu Mardoukhaev

Vitrine Blanche #12 // Behind Paradise // Mathieu Mardoukhaev
Curator : Damien Sahri

“Berlin is a fascinating, intoxicating city, like a beguiling seductress. Every day countless suns pass on the blazing torch and the life-giving light to countless creative projects. Time seems to stand still here. Nature has regained ownership of the city with its tormented past. Nothing can prevent its inhabitants from expressing their vision of the world – their world. From the walls of the city to the sound systems of the clubs, not to mention the daily life in each neighborhood, Berlin has this unique atmosphere that rewrites the rules! Every day people write their stories on the empty side of their walls. Berlin is generous and gives something back to those who are. From my balcony in the depths of my zoo I hear kicks and basses penetrating Berlin’s silence, like a siren call I can’t resist, swallowing me, willingly”.

Born in 1982, Mathieu Mardoukhaev grew up in Paris in a multicultural family (mother is French and his father Russian, the eldest son of C. Stanislavsky). In addition to Paris, he also lived in London, Moscow and Berlin (since 2010). His work in the field of video and film, including his realisation work at the film screening for the Angers Festival (2006), led him to photography. He is also a producer of electronic music known as Lansky le Vrai. His work has been exhibited at: Galerie Immix (Paris), “Rebondir”, “Art and Weise”, Studio Blender, NICO (Berlin) and Ekö (Berlin).

Opening 21. July 2018 – 3. August 2018