#11 // Breaking New Ground : Contemporary Watercolors // Renee Nielsen

Breaking New Ground : Contemporary Watercolors
// VitrineBlanche #11
Vernissage 1. Juli 2018 //  19-23 Uhr
1.-14. Juli 2018

Renee’s work is inspired by the particular aesthetic of 50s and 60s science-fiction, film noir, and new wave movie posters. Her creative process involves painting from vintage movie posters, film stills, and mass media imagery to produce works that are vibrant and reminiscent of the Pop-art era. Gender and emphasis on role fluidity is central to her work. Renee utilizes watercolor and gouache to re-interpret iconic imagery with a vibrant, pro-foundly feminine aesthetic. By using this media, Renee is able to channel stylistic elements that emphasize the elegance and grace of the female protagonists she paints. At the same time, Renee utilizes this same color pallet and aesthetic to emphasize the sensitive, perceptive side of idolized male hip hop performers.

Renee Nielsen was born in Auckland and attended Media Design School, receiving a B.A. in Graphic Design after completing an associate degree in Fine Art. Her body of work ranges from illustration to photography, focusing on the human figure and bold color. You can find Renee’s work for sale and on display in one of New Zealand’s busiest art print studio’s; Endemic world. Her illustrations have also been used in marketing campaigns for REB footwear and CoCo & Co. Before moving to Berlin Renee lived and worked in New York City; Pursuing her career in Graphic Design and collaborating with fellow creatives on photography projects in her spare time. Currently Renee is focusing on networking and building her portfolio here in Berlin.

To view more of Renee’s projects visit http://reneenielsen.com/

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