#19 // Jardin Éternel – Empreinte Végétale // Anaëlle Blayo

Vitrine Blanche #19 // Jardin Éternel – Empreinte Végétale // Anaëlle Blayo
Curator : Honorine Bergé

Anaëlle Blayo is a french object and textile designer based in France. Her practice is oriented on Care design. In 2017, Anaëlle wrote a thesis entitled Le Care de l’ordinaire (The Care of the ordinary). This great work of research and analyze allowed her to acquire advanced and solid knowledge on the subject.
She is now developing various projects around the need to bring care and attention back into our daily routines. This approach leads her to combine design and the virtues of nature to create a range of objects that are graphic, sensitive and sustainable.

Jardin Éternel
This project comes from the story of a woman named Augustine. This old lady has been living for thirty years in a little town in France. This place was her backdrop, especially her garden. Since she left her beloved house, the thing she is missing the most is to look through the window to see her garden. The purpose of Jardin Éternel is to bring a little bit of a garden back inside the house.

Empreinte Végétale (Vernissage special)
« Giving consideration and existence to ills is the beginning of healing. Decorating the body with botanical remedies becomes a therapy ».  With Anaëlle’s work, tattoo is a way to symbolically heal bodies and minds damaged by diseases. Resulting from researches on medicinal plants and flowers, the project proposes a series of 9 tattoos in a minimalist style.

Opening 23. March 2019 – 17. April 2019