VitrineBlanche #002 // The Colours of Analogue Iceland

„The Colours of Analogue Iceland“ invites you to dive into the magical and ethereal colours – the white, the pink and the golden. Photographer Eglė Duleckytė discovered this experience whilst driving through the South and South East regions of Iceland in February 2017.
The exhibiton initiates the idea of Mirage Wedding as a project space for Art installations –  Vitrine Blanc – a 24H space for Art and ideas.

Eglė Duleckytė
Eglė Duleckytė is an amateur photographer with a focus on analogue photography. Most of her photo stories capture the urban landscapes from her travels to the US, Mexico and around Europe, as well as from the big metropolises like London and Berlin, where she has been residing for the last 5 years. Her trip to Iceland earlier this year, however, gave her the opportunity to explore beyond city views, by delving into natural scenery.

Website of exhibited pictures
Instagram (analogue) – analogue.egle
Instagram (architecture) – duleckyte